【AYO Auto】MOTOVIS Completed 100 Million Yuan in A2 Round of Financing


Embedded artificial intelligence autopilot company MOTOVIS announced yesterday that it has completed the A2 round of financing with a financing amount of 100 million yuan. Investors include Shengshi Jinhao, Ruijing Capital and Boxin Fund.
It is understood that this round of financing will be used for autonomous driving core technology and product research and development to consolidate the current core customer and market cooperation and simultaneously promote large-scale mass production.
After nearly 5 years of technology and market accumulation, MOTOVIS has formed three product lines of front-loading passenger cars, front-loading commercial vehicles and rear-loading, and has accumulated a large number of head customers. Including in-depth and close cooperative relations with 9 of the top 10 automakers of domestic self-owned passenger brands, and cooperation with leading commercial vehicle manufacturers and public transport groups in super first-tier metropolises have all started.
It is understood that the MOTOVIS mass production program covers all levels of L1-L4 automatic driving, and provides a variety of automatic driving systems including automatic parking, valet parking, AEB and TJP, which have been installed in front of passenger cars and commercial vehicles. To apply. At the same time, its forward-looking ADAS, DSM (fatigue driving) and BSD (blind spot monitoring) products are also applied in the aftermarket.
According to reports, MOTOVIS adopts a deep learning embedded chip route. According to the automotive product system standard, it runs a highly intelligent computing engine on the embedded chip to process complex visual perception tasks in real time, overcoming the small size at low cost and low power consumption. The technical difficulty of running large and complex intelligent real-time tasks on the vehicle chip. At the same time, MOTOVIS has successfully used FPGA chips for L1-L4 autonomous driving at various levels, and has taken the lead in passing the car-level certification of many top passenger car OEMs.
In terms of layout of automotive-grade embedded chip platforms, MOTOVIS implements a deep learning embedded chip route. According to the automotive product system standard, a highly intelligent computing engine runs on embedded chips in parallel and efficiently, overcoming low cost and low power consumption The technical difficulties of running large and complex intelligent real-time tasks on the small car chip of.

At this point, MOTOVIS has anchored in-depth and close cooperative relations with a number of domestic independent passenger brands, and started cooperation with mainstream commercial OEMs in the industry and bus groups in super first-tier cities.

Since the full resumption of work, the cumulative order of MOTOVIS products and the front-loaded passenger vehicles, front-loaded commercial vehicles and rear-loaded markets has exceeded 100,000 sets, and it is expected to achieve the goal of 1 million units (sets) of loading in the next 3 years.

According to GM’s forecast, the size of the self-driving car industry is expected to reach 8 trillion US dollars. In addition, IHS Markit predicts that by 2040, annual sales of autonomous vehicles in the US, China and Europe will exceed 27.4 million.

Benefited from the policy promotion of automatic driving in various countries, the continuous breakthrough of research and development technology, and the gradual landing of smart models of global auto companies, the development prospect of the unmanned driving industry is becoming clearer.

China is likely to become the world’s largest self-driving market. The penetration rate of intelligent driving vehicles will increase rapidly. It is expected that the domestic compound driving market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 22% from 2020 to 2025.
In addition, for this round of investment, investors also expressed their affirmation to MOTOVIS. Among them, Sheng Shi Jin Hao said: “Automated driving technology from R & D to mass production is a difficult process of accumulation. We fully recognize the professional team of MOTOVIS, excellent algorithm technology and excellent product ability. MOTOVIS has become a provider in China. An outstanding enterprise in autonomous driving and ADAS products and technology solutions. We are very pleased to participate in the investment in MOTOVIS to further accelerate its R & D and industrialization of core technologies in autonomous driving. ”
Ruijing Capital said: “The large-scale mass production of mainstream passenger car models is an indispensable criterion for verifying the algorithmic level and engineering capability of autonomous driving companies. MOTOVIS has always aimed at mass production of passenger car pre-installed vehicles, and constantly promotes the iteration of the algorithm. With the implementation of the project, we have continuously achieved gratifying results. A series of mainstream passenger car models such as mainstream passenger car models AEB / APA / TJP and other pre-installed mass production projects have continued to verify the strength of MOTOVIS. At the same time, we are targeting passenger car AVPs and ports. A series of forward-looking layouts and engineering and commercial breakthroughs in the limited scene L4 have paved a greater space for the future development of MOTOVIS. ”
Boxin’s equity investment said: “Intelligent driving is a trillion-level super market with countless opportunities. In this large circuit, MOTOVIS combines technology, market and resources. At present, it is one of the few existing L4 technical capabilities. It is also very rare to be able to enter the ADAS enterprises that supply products in batches to downstream OEMs in batches. It is believed that the company ’s products can be widely applied to passenger cars and even commercial vehicles soon, so that people can enjoy the safety and driving brought by technology. Convenient. “


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